Dundee Biomass Plant – Suggestions for Contacting your Local Councillors

If you are concerned about Forth Energy’s proposed “Biomass Renewable Energy Plant” (i.e. power station which will burn trees), please contact your local councillors.  They are being discouraged from attending events where they might learn some of the unwelcome truths about the project, so it’s up to the People of Dundee to get the message through to them.


We all have 3 or 4 councillors and can contact each of them to express our views, by e-mail, phone, or by calling in to their surgeries.

To find out who your councillors are:


We have set up a page which makes it easy to e-mail your councillors, just click here.

It includes a suggested message, which you can change if you wish. Just enter your postcode and it finds your councillors and their contact details.


Here is a suggested e-mail message which you can use. It will be more effective if you reword some sections and add your own personal thoughts.


Dear Councillor

I am very concerned by the application from Forth Energy to construct a “biomass renewable energy plant” at Dundee Port. This is in the centre of the city and will add to the levels of air pollution which are already dangerously high. Also, 12,000 tonnes of toxic waste each year will have to be driven through the city to landfill sites elsewhere. This affects the health of me, my family, and all the residents of Dundee.

There are many other reasons why this proposal is a bad idea. Trees would be grown in plantations overseas, at the expense of the local people and wildlife, then shipped to Dundee to burn in a wasteful process to produce electricity. Each permanent job will cost about a million pounds a year in subsidies from the public through our energy bills.

Please take your responsibilities for the health and wellbeing of the people of Dundee seriously, and vote in Committee to reject the findings in the Air Quality report, which are distorted to favour Forth Energy’s application.

Yours etc


If you are going to talk to your councillors, you might want to refer to the briefing – Dundee FE key concerns – summarising our concerns.

And there’s a shorter summary of the issues below:



for the people of Dundee. The air in Dundee is already bad for our health, with official limits for dangerous pollutants being exceeded continuously, and high levels of respiratory diseases. The biomass plant will add to this pollution, despite Forth Energy’s faulty figures.

for the local environment. 12,000 tonnes of toxic ash each year will need to be transported to special landfill sites, and fish in the Tay will be affected by discharges.

for households. Together we would pay £66 million a year for this power station in subsidies, which Forth Energy needs to make it profitable, because it is highly inefficient.

for the local economy. Even though the power station would create some employment, it could result in jobs being lost in the tourism sector as the Waterfront is tarnished.

for the city’s reputation. The biomass plan is proposed to come into operation in 2017 – the same year when Dundee is bidding to be Britain’s City of Culture. One of the themes highlights the quality of our environment – which this polluting monstrosity would seriously damage.

for climate change. Burning trees for electricity emits around 50% MORE greenhouse gas emissions than burning coal for the same electricity output.

for biodiversity. At least 80% of the fuel would have to be imported, increasing pressure to clear biodiverse forests and grassland in favour of industrial timber plantations.

for poor communities overseas. They will be pushed off their land to make way for plantations, and world food prices will rise as more land is used to grow fuel not food.

 Calling this a “renewable energy plant” is an attempt to mislead us into thinking it is good for the environment. It is just the opposite.