Input to Local Development Plans

In December 2012 we submitted further comments on the Dundee Local Development Plan, focusing on issues such as energy efficiency in homes, promoting sustainable transport, and the need to take account of rising sea levels and storms resulting from climate change.  We had previously made a submission during consultation on the Main Issues Report.

The Local Development Plan has to be consistent with the strategic development plan for the city-region – Tayplan.  This sets out a lot of fine principles for sustainable development, which should be reflected throughout the more detailed version for Dundee.  This too makes all the right noises at the start, but fails to carry through the sustainability principles with many of the actual proposals.  There is even the suggestion that Dundee needs an upgrade to the Kingsway outer ring road – or, even worse, a new ring road running through the countryside outside Dundee.

The latest situation in the process of formulating and adopting the local development plan is set out on the City Council website.  The latest submission from FoE Tayside can be downloaded from the Documents page on this site.

We will also be submitting comments on the draft Angus Local Development Plan when it is published for consultation.  The latest situation is set out on the Angus Council website.

Members of FoE Tayside talking with Council officials about the Dundee Local Development Plan

Members of FoET talking with Council officials about the Dundee Local Development Plan