Rural issues

With many of our members based in Dundee, there is a tendency to concentrate more on issues in the city than in the rural areas and smaller communities that make up most of Tayside.  This is something we would like to change.

We are keen to become more involved in rural issues, affecting the quality of life in rural communities and the important interconnections with the cities of Dundee and Perth.  More rural members would be welcome to join us, even if you can’t get to all our regular Group meetings – we can arrange separate meetings and keep in touch in other ways.  In the past we have held Group meetings in Friockheim and Arbroath, and organised visits to facilities and projects in rural areas.

Recently we have been looking into the problems of flooding and pollution linked to the increased incidence of heavy rain and the poor maintenance of drainage channels.  Better drainage can lead to faster runoff into nearby watercourses, which in turn can  result in increased pollution with agricultural chemicals and animal waste.  The resulting eutrophication of water bodies disrupts ecosystems, leading to problems such as algal blooms.  Rapid outflow into the sea following heavy rain can lead to pollution of the shoreline and bathing waters.

SEPA has been criticised by some for its resistance to more regular clearing of drainage channels, and it seems that a better understanding of the dynamics of water management in the countryside is needed to cope with the increase in the frequency and severity of rain storms that we are experiencing due to climate change.

Walkers and cyclists on the Dronley Railway Path in Angus

Walkers and cyclists on the Dronley Railway Path in Angus