2012 Activity

Activities listed on our old website for 2012 were as follows:

Dundee Local Development Plan – in December 2012 we submitted further comments on the Dundee Local Development Plan, focusing on issues such as energy efficiency in homes, promoting sustainable transport, and the need to take account of rising sea levels and storms resulting from climate change.

ROCS Consultation (Biomass Campaign) – further submissions were made (in November and January) to the Scottish Government during consultation on its proposals for the Renewables Obligation (Scotland) subsidies for renewable energy. Under the current proposals, Forth Energy’s proposed biomass plants at Dundee, Grangemouth and Rosyth could be eligible for over £200 million in subsidies per year provided they achieve a very modest 35% efficiency level.

Beachwatch 2012 – the annual Beachwatch cleanup took place in conjunction with the Marine Conservation Society from 14-17 September.

Parliamentary lobbying – on 13 September, some members attended an event at the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh to try to persuade MSPs to support the campaign against Forth Energy’s proposed biomass power plants, and press Ministers to turn down the applications.

Dundee Rotary Charity Gala Day – we ran a stall at this busy event on 25 August 2012, which attracted many people to register their concern about the proposed biomass plant, or just to buy cake or plants or books supplied by members.

Biomass plant proposals – FoET members took part in a demonstration at the Scottish Parliament on 19 April 2012, and we held a meeting with Calum Wilson of Forth Energy on 4 May.