A River Changes Course (film screening)

A powerful reflection on the frontline impacts of our global food system, this mesmerizing film deservingly walked away with the Grand Jury Prize for World Documentary at Sundance.

It is followed from 4.30 pm by a debate exploring what place the environment, poverty and global justice have in Scotland’s future.  Click here for details.

A River Changes Course vividly captures the profound interdependence between Cambodian river, forest and farm peoples and the foods they harvest. Intimate, moving and stunningly filmed by director Kalyanee Mam (of the Oscar-winning Inside Job).  While moments of great beauty, grace and humour shine through, Mam witnesses the growing effects of debt, international land grabs and urbanisation on the families’ means of survival and happiness, finally begging both filmmaker and audience to break the silence and speak out from behind the screen.

Entrance is free, but to cover our costs we request a donation of £3.50 on the door. Thank you in advance.  Reserve a ticket here.

Screening organised in partnership with the World Development Movement, Dundee Urban Orchard and the Co-operative Membership.