Next FoE Tayside Local Group Meeting

This is the first Local Group meeting since our successful AGM at the end of February, where we were pleased to welcome a number of new members.  Biomass, air quality, local recycling facilities, and volunteering, will all be on the agenda.

We’ll be discussing the latest developments on the Biomass Power Station application from Forth Energy, and the related situation on changes to the Renewables Obligation (Scotland) legislation which is the basis for paying subsidies (from household energy bills) for renewable electricity.

Air quality is another issue linked to the Biomass application for Dundee – what is being done to reduce the air pollution levels which are damaging the health of local residents?  Not much, it seems.

We’re still waiting to see the findings from the Forth Energy air quality survey which has to be submitted before Dundee City Council will allow the application to go forward to the Scottish Government for a decision.

There’s also the impact of the proposed closure of Marchbanks recycling centre to consider, and how this has been handled by the Council. 

And there will be a report on our stand at the Dundee University Volunteering Fair last month – and what sort of initiatives we should organise.

As usual there will be the opportunity for all members to raise issues which they would like to discuss, or which they would like us to take action on.  We’re hoping for some from Angus, Perthshire and maybe North Fife.

All potential supporters are welcome to come along – you don’t need to be a member. 

For more information about the meeting, please get in touch (see the Contact page)