Recover Dundee Green Spaces Stall in Menzieshill, Dundee

Our city still has quite a bit of green spaces, yet many bees and pollinators are disappearing.  We can change that!  For now our council still sprays a lot of pesticides, glyphosate which is a carcinogen not only to humans but also toxic to pollinators.  Get active in our community spaces and start gardening on spots that were sprayed.  You’d be amazed how quickly wildflowers and healthy fauna revive on healthy grounds.  It is on all of us to make this possible.

Visit our stall at the bottom of Thurso Crescent (125) on Saturday May 11 (2019), 1 – 6 pm.

We offer discussion, advice, and some seeds for pollinators and environmentally friendly gardening. Everybody of all ages is welcome, even if you don’t have access to green spaces.

Affordable snacks and cakes are available.

For further information contact

Let’s revive our green spaces for our bees and a healthier environment for us all.

Looking forward to seeing you on May 11.

Event by Recover Dundee Green Spaces