Stop the Transatlantic Trade Deals Speaker Tour


Come along to hear more about the CETA and TTIP “trade deals” at this national event, being held in Dundee. CETA is a parallel trade deal (with Canada) to TTIP (with the US), but is closer to being ratified by member states of the EU. Both deals are claimed to boost the economy but instead are designed to boost corporate profits at the expense of democratic rights and hard-won protection of our environment, working conditions, animal welfare and food quality. Public services such as the NHS will be undermined by corporate bidding for contracts. Jobs in the UK are expected to be lost, and wage levels cut, as domestic companies struggle to compete.

A good turnout at this event will send a powerful message to politicians – and you’ll be able to find out much more about these damaging trade deals. The event is organised by Global Justice Now, with support from Stop TTIP Dundee, and is the only Scottish venue on this UK-wide speaker tour.

There is now an eventbrite page set up at this url: – please could you sign up here so the organisers can get a better idea of numbers for the event. There’s more information on the event and speakers below.

Lots of organisations are campaigning against TTIP and CETA, including international development NGOs and trades unions.
You can read more about TTIP here: and

Please pass this on to your members and any friends who may be interested.

Mayday 2015 demo against TTIP

Mayday 2015 demo against TTIP

From Global Justice Now:
More details on the facebook event page:
Also, in case anyone doesn’t know, we do have A5 flyers printed advertising the event. I am happy to send a bunch to anyone who thinks they will make use of this.  Please help us to advertise this on social media, by email and using the flyers – it’s a great opportunity for people to get more information about TTIP and CETA and to inspire them to get more involved in campaigning against these trade deals.
Speaker tour: Stop the transatlantic trade deals!
In early 2016, a trade deal between Canada and the EU (the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement, or CETA) is due to be debated and voted on in the European parliament.
CETA is a lot like TTIP, the US-EU trade deal currently under negotiation – except the negotiations are finished on CETA. Like TTIP it allows corporations to sue governments in secret courts over decisions they don’t like.
As part of the growing movement against corporate trade deals and to try to stop final agreement of CETA, we’re planning a speaker tour in early November.
The speakers will be:
· Maude Barlow, chair of citizens’ group the Council of Canadians
· Yash Tandon, Ugandan trade expert and author of Trade is War
· Nick Dearden, director of Global Justice Now
This event at Dundee University, is the first event of the speaker tour, and its only Scottish venue. The event is free, but please register on eventbrite so that we can get an idea of numbers.