This Changes Everything, film & discussion on climate change

Monday 26 September, 6 pm, at the Steps Theatre, Victoria Road (behind the Wellgate Centre), there will be a screening of “This Changes Everything“, the film based on the powerful book by Naomi Klein which highlights how climate change is the consequence of our exploitative capitalist system, dominated by powerful corporations where the pursuit of profit comes before protection of our environment.

The event is free to attend, although donations will be gratefully received.
There will be a discussion following the film, about the messages it seeks to put across and the connections with the proposed trade deals outlined below.

Please print off copies of the poster to put on display and distribute to others.  Download from the documents page.

Poster for the film showing

This event is being organised by Stop TTIP Dundee, the local campaign group which is part of the Scotland and Europe-wide coalition of organisations seeking to block the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership. That proposed deal between the US and EU now seems likely to be dropped as a result of mounting public opposition and the doubts of key players, France and Germany, demonstrating the effectiveness of the mass movement opposing it.

However, a sister trade deal between the EU and Canada called CETA has already been agreed and is awaiting final approval. It contains many of the same provisions which were being discussed within TTIP, and could be used by US Corporations to impose their commercial interests on EU countries – before Brexit could be implemented. This would be at the expense of environmental, health and safety, and animal welfare standards in the UK as well as the EU. More information here:

See also this page for more background on the campaign against TTIP