20 mph speed limits in Dundee – Go20 go-slow by Council

Update: July 2017
Following an extensive public consultation in 2016, Dundee City Council decided to trial the 20 mph speed limit in The Glens and Johnston Avenue  for a 12 month period.  See this article from last December’s Courier

Original Post
A new campaign is being mounted to promote safer streets in Dundee.  Dundee City Council is dragging its feet whilst other cities introduce 20 mph speed limits to improve the safety of residential streets.  Edinburgh is the best example.  Following a successful experiment in the south of the city, the council decided in August 2013 to extend this to “all residential streets, main shopping streets, city centre streets, and streets with high levels of pedestrian and/or cyclist ?activity”  (see this report from the Edinburgh Evening News).  Strong support for the experiment was shown by local residents, who wanted more streets included.

What about Dundee?  Only a few residential streets have had 20 mph limits introduced, and the Council has failed to show any enthusiasm for extending this more widely to make the city’s streets safer for pedestrians – young and old.

The pedestrians’ organisation, Living Streets, is mounting the Go20 campaign across the country to promote the adoption of 20 mph zones.  In Dundee it aims to encourage local residents and community groups to express their opinions.  George Gammack hopes that this will help to raise the profile of the issue and is prepared to meet with community groups to listen and gather views.  Full details in this information leaflet:  20 mph speed limits for Dundee.

Friends of the Earth Tayside is affiliated to Living Streets and is fully supportive of this campaign.  See this related post on walking and cycling in the redevelopment of the Waterfront and Rail Station.