Bye bye big Biomass

Great news for all those who campaigned tirelessly against the ill-conceived plans for a 100MW Biomass Power Station at Dundee Port – the applicants, Forth Energy, have pulled the plug after SSE’s strategic review.  SSE was one half of Forth Energy, along with Forth Ports.

There’s also a big question mark over the projects proposed for Grangemouth and Rosyth, which were approved by the Scottish Government contrary to its own Electricity Generating Policy Statement.  Forth Energy will not be proceeding with these projects and presumably the consents will be offered to other potential investors.  It’s to be hoped that they will have the same doubts about the viability of big biomass plants which SSE has belatedly come round to.

Follow this link to read how the Dundee decision was covered in today’s Courier newspaper:

On the down side, SSE also pulled back from several commitments to more sustainable offshore renewables projects, casting further doubts over the Scottish Government achieving its target of 100% of electricity demand being met from renewable sources by 2020.  The uncertainties and contradictions in Government policy at Whitehall as well as Edinburgh seem to have spooked investors, which is bad news for achieving Scotland’s ambitious carbon emission reduction targets.