Campaign against Fracking

Join the campaign against fracking at the Global Frackdown Day!  Fracking is a process increasingly being used to release gas trapped deep underground in layers of rock (usually shales), by pumping a mixture of water and chemicals in at high pressure to force out the gas.  It’s expensive and highly risky as the toxic chemicals can end up in underground water supplies.  The technique has also been shown to have caused small earth tremors in Lancashire.  And of course the gas is a fossil fuel and burning it will add to CO2 emissions.  Communities close to sites identified as suitable for fracking are concerned at how this could affect them.


We are busy promoting Global Frackdown Day II which happens in less than a month’s time. It would be great to have representatives from across Scotland to send a really strong message to the SNP.

The second ever Global Frackdown Day takes place on Saturday 19 October 2013.

On the same day the SNP hold its party conference in Perth so it’s the perfect opportunity to show Government the strength of opposition to unconventional gas in Scotland and around the world.

• What: a vibrant gathering of people and groups who want to say no to unconventional gas and fracking!

• Where: near Perth Concert Hall

• When: 12pm, Saturday 19 October 2013

This is the SNP’s last major party conference ahead of next years independence referendum so a critical time to influence Government policy. They already know that unconventional gas is unnecessary, lets show them its unsafe and unwanted too!

Global Frackdown Day is supported by 200 organisations around the world. Find out more at

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