Quiz Answers

Here are the answers to the quiz handed out at the  to the FoET Green Health Week Stall in Dundee Overgate on 27th Apirl 2019.


1. How many premature deaths are estimated to be caused by air pollution in Scotland each year? 270, 900 or 2,500?  Answer: 2,500

2. Doctors in a part of Scotland can now issue ?nature prescriptions? to help patients with both physical and mental health issues. Where?  Answer: Shetland

3. According to a survey from the US Dairy Industry 1% of American adults think chocolate milk comes from brown cows? True or False?  Answer: False ? it is 7%!

4. How long is the Dighty Water? 22.5km, 42km or 83km?  Answer: 22.5km

5. Who was it that told us to take 10,000 steps a day to be healthy?  Answer: A pedometer manufacturer in Japan!

6. What event will happen in Dundee from 21 to 25 May?  Answer:  Walk to School Week

7. Which travels faster, a slug or a snail?  Answer: A slug (0.006 mph) a snail goes at 0.002 mph

8. Which is of these is the most air-polluted street in Dundee?  Seagate / Reform St / Union St?  Answer: Seagate

9. Does being a cyclist make you more attractive as a date?  Answer:  Yes, the British Heart Foundation found it makes you 13% more cool and more brainy.

10. Who is Dundee?s Outdoor Access Officer, John Whyman, Claire Richards or Ian Watkins?  Answer: John Whyman (the other two are from pop group STEPS)

11. Of all the fruit and veg you buy, which has the highest amount of pesticide in it,
[1] strawberries, [2] bananas or [3] carrots?  Answer: [1] Strawberries

12. How many species of tree are there in the world? 600, 6,000 or more than 60,000?  Answer 60,065

13. During the Great British Beach Clean Up 2015 what was the average number of plastic bottles collected per kilometre of beach front? 99, 999 or 99,000?  Answer: 99 So carry your own bottle!